Welcome to the Huebsch Lab

Our lab focuses on fundamentally understanding how mechanical cues originating at cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix contacts influence signaling and fate. We are especially interested in how those cues affect heart development and disease, and how we can leverage these cues to engineer 3D models of human tissue for disease modeling and drug discovery, and to design new biomaterials for tissue regeneration.

In our work, we use tools from stem cell engineering, additive manufacturing, image processing, molecular biology, chemistry and materials science.

We welcome you to learn more about our research and our team.

Current Projects

Micro-Heart Models

This project studies pluripotent-stem cell derived cardiac micro-tissues for modeling cardiac development, drug toxicity and cardiomyopathy

Synthetic ECM

The synthetic extracellular matrix (ECM) project aims to create ECM mimetics with defined presentation of adhesion ligands and growth factors